Coming Soon.

Our sound technician Elijah is busy editing what we are preliminarily calling Coffee Shop Conversations. Anytime we get together it quickly degenerates into a heated discussion about something weird and interesting. There is background noise and distractions a-plenty, but they are completely unedited and unrehearsed, not originally intended for public consumption. No fabrications or pretension, just two people who have worked together for a decade and have shared well over 200 audiences, usually arguing about strains of cannabis or parenting or the Dark Web.

People who sign up for our newsletter (we don’t have it yet) will have access to those conversations, they’re rough and potentially offensive because they are ideas in the making. Friends who hang with us long enough know that we are paid to learn new information about drugs and culture, it’s kind of weird but never boring. We don’t even necessarily believe the things we say over caffeine, we are engaging in what a friend from the bank called Green Hat Thinking. We’re literally making this up as we go along. We’ll give you access to those ongoing pieces and only send you information that is cool and interesting. We have nothing to sell and this is what we do for fun.

Most of the topics we will talk about have been discussed in other forums (though often not), but we like to think that we our take on life is a little different than your average vanilla presenters. Anyone who has heard us is welcome to chime in under comments to validate that claim.

We’re meeting with our Marketing Team at Douglas College on Monday, we have a great sound engineer who is in Grade 11, and a friend who is a professional musician writing intro and extro tracks. Audio recordings will begin very soon. If you are in the Maple Ridge area we will be doing a live recording at our next Parent Drug Forum at Maple Ridge Secondary School on November 21 at 6:30 pm. We’ll be live with a special guest, ordinarily a youth or young adult with an epic story and unique insight.

We’re doing this podcast for kicks, not profit, though we are completely committed to those idealistic beliefs that we can open people up to new ways of thinking about life. We hope we can challenge and anger you, but also give you a different look at important issues, free from political correctness, with nothing held back. We try to be fearless so it is possible to be offended if you don’t understand where we are coming from.

Last but not least, we’re going to have guests. We know several very interesting people with stories that will rock your world, survivors who aren’t afraid to duke it and on air and have lived experiences that stagger the imagination. From parents who have watched their child overdose to conversations about mind palaces and Dawn’s need to stress about her teenage son and the obvious fact that technology is rewiring us (and that isn’t necessarily just a good thing). Scott will say some outrageous things. Dawn quickly feel like your Jedi aunt or good-looking older sister who has done everything and is smarter than you (Scott wrote this because Dawn is so Canadian she wouldn’t be able to come up with a humble brag if her life depended on it. It’s nauseating).

See you soon.

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